Coaching “Get ready to go back to the water” by Laureen Poulard – BPJEPS AF formation

Is it necessary to be in shape to surf better ?

Surfing can be a very challenging sport. When you surf, your cardiovascular and muscular systems are solicited. In surfing you have to work on endurance, explosiveness and proprioception. Training on these three bases will help you progress on the water.

When surfing, all your muscles are used! During the take off, the pectoral muscles, deltoids and triceps are the muscles that help you get up on your board. When you stand on your surfboard, it is your abs, buttocks, quadriceps, abductors and calves that are in action to allow you to surf.

To optimize your surfing sessions, I propose you some exercises like :

  • Crunches on a balloon


  • Frontsquats on a board


  • Push ups


  • Banded Walk


  • Burpees


  • Russian twists 


Or also Superman taps and many other exercises…

You need to adapt your training to your physical level. For example, if you are not used to playing sports, do two sets of each exercise rather than three.

But be careful before and after each training session it is important to warm up well. For example, by running for about 10 minutes and never forgetting to stretch. It will prevent you from getting hurt, but on top of that you will gain flexibility.

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