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ISHUA Sailing



Welcome to ISHUA,
the first sailing club, organization of cruises, school of cruises, top of the range and eco-responsible, for all

Who are we ? A collective of passionate skippers

state graduates



We all learned to sail in Les Glénans before obtaining our BP JEPS
Our trademark?
A gentle and participatory pedagogy!

Sailing is inherently environmentally friendly.
We take care of nature. You will discover it in the most beautiful way.
30% of our activity is dedicated to solidarity projects.
The price of the stay includes a participation for their support of 30 € per person.

Why is Ishua unique in the cruise market?

To discover navigation, to disconnect and live in the great outdoors but also to discover sailing with its state-certified skippers, who will accompany you in all serenity on a journey during which you will experience the sea, the bridge and its maneuvers with passion and authenticity.

A cruise that goes well is unforgettable!

On boats designed for holidays and the pleasure of navigation, enrich yourself with a unique nautical experience. Whatever the destination, approach nature in its most sincere truth and share the emotions that the sea and the land will offer you without restraint.

30% of the activity dedicated to solidarity projects!

As a collective of qualified, passionate, eco-responsible and committed skippers, we advocate the greatest respect for nature ... and for people! Our cruises contribute directly to this state of mind by contributing to the support of our activity, dedicated for 30% to the animation of solidarity, ecological and virtuous projects.

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