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Engie Kite Tour

From 11/10/2019 09:00 to 13/10/2019 17:00



Alex Caizergues, the fastest man in the world, top-level Axel Mazella foiler, Anaïs Mai-Desjardins, Chris Ballois and Poeam Newland meet you at La Grande Motte for the final of the ENGIE KITE TOUR! Do you dare to come and challenge yourself for 3 days of competition? Will you become a better friend with T héo de Ramecourt like Alexis deDuofone did, who takes advantage of the champion's presence to learn to go faster in a foil ?

Whether you are a kite enthusiast or a world champion, the ENGIE KITE TOUR is for you. A friendly program, mutual aid, meetings, moments of pure happiness on the water!

La Grande Motte is the famous spot for locals in Hérault. The best train there often, the beach is large which allows a quiet take off. In short, it's a place to discover for all kite enthusiasts!


Friday October 11: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.: registration validation / 12:30 p.m.: riders 'briefing and welcome drink / 2 p.m.: first warning signal / 7 p.m.: riders' drink

Saturday October 12: 9 a.m.: briefing and warning signal / 7:30 p.m.: dinner and festive evening at the club

Sunday October 13: 9 a.m .: briefing and warning signal / 4 p.m .: last departure possible / 5 p.m .: awards ceremony

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