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Dock 79 Trampoline Park

From 22/02/2020 09:00 to 01/03/2020 20:00


This space is added to the tree climbing, the water ski lift and the aquapark.

We could already do tree climbing, learn water skiing,
wakeboard and kneeboard, climb, jump and slide on a
ten XXL modules and finally swim. From this Saturday,
we can also jump there! The Dock 79 leisure park, located
Tertre will open the doors of its trampoline park to the public.

Housed in a newly constructed building, the trampoline park
will cover more than 1000 square meters and offer different areas
fun, all extremely secure to avoid the slightest
accident. " It's a lot of work, we run everywhere!
have been on adrenaline for months but we are very excited to
the idea of opening ",
confirms Antoine Marquais, manager.

During these carnival holidays, the structure will be accessible every
day between 11 am and 8 pm. Customers can book their
time slot directly online on the website. " It is
our first indoor activity and it will allow us to no longer
close part of the year. We even think about no longer
close the tree climbing and leave the ski lift open until the start of the
month of December for a reopening in early March. "

In recent years, trampoline parks seem to have the wind in
stern. A new structure will also open in a few days at
Mons. " We are not worried. We provide a very
natural, we are outside any commercial area. Our clients
can now also enjoy a real restaurant with a view of
Lake. It's a different atmosphere. We are not franchisees and our
tariffs remain very low. "

No worries, then. " I think there is room for everything
the world. We do not only offer a trampoline area, we remain a
multi-activity leisure park. Beside, we keep the ski lift,
tree climbing and aquapark. It is possible to spend a day
entire site by increasing the number of activities. "
All the more so as packs are now available to mix formulas at advantageous prices.

Note also that there are now seven people who will work
full time and all year round in Dock 79 (against a single CDI
previously), to which will be added student reinforcements during
high attendance. After a year and a half of work and six months of
work, the team is giving itself a year to fully develop the
trampoline park. After which she will work on new projects in
view to further develop the park. We already know that next winter,
the tree climbing will be extended.

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