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Slider Spectacular

From 09/11/2019 00:00 to 09/11/2019 23:00


Come show us all your best tricks on the cable for a chance to win some incredible prizes, make new friends and even learn some new tricks! This is a jam format competition that is great for competitors of all levels. We also guarantee that everyone gets at least 2 chances to ride in the event!

Entry fee - Single Event $50 Includes:
Free Day Pass for Friday November 8th
Event T-shirt
Awards for top 3 in each divison

  1. Beginner Wakeboard:
    Spins - Front Side 180s Only, Add some style! No Inverts
    Rails:Judges Discretion (No Transfers)
  2. Novice Wakeboard:Kickers:Spins - Front Side 360s and backside 180s Only. One Basic Invert allowed in Run
    Rails:Judges Discretion
  3. Intermediate Wakeboard:Kickers:Spins - Front Side 540s and backside 360s Only. All Basic Inverts allowed in Run (No 360 Inverts or blind landing inverts)
    Rails:Judges Discretion
  4. Advanced Wakeboard:Kickers:Spins - Front Side 720s and backside 540s Only. All Basic Inverts, basic blind tricks and 360 inverts
    Rails:Judges Discretion
  5. Open Women: No Restrictions
  6. Open Men: No Restrictions

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