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Federation - association

Fédération Française de Canöe-Kayak



The French Canoeing Federation

The FFCK was born in 1931 and had since its creation the objective of supervising the practice of sports. It is governed and framed by the law of 1901 and relies on a network in order to be always closer to its clubs.

In figures, it is now 700 affiliated clubs and 500,000 practitioners.

To find out more about the FFCK: Fédération Française de Canöe-Kayak

Sports supported by the FFCK:

The Online Race

This sport appeared in the 19th century. With several in the same boat or alone, the goal is to cross the finish line of the race before the other opponents.


This sport is practiced in white water and consists of finishing a slalom course as quickly as possible. It is generally practiced alone in a boat, and includes descents but also climbs in the course.


The Descent aims to finish the crossing from one point to another of the river as quickly as possible.
This sport is divided into 2 disciplines:
  • the Classic descent: 10 to 30 minute route,
  • the Sprint descent: course from 30 seconds to 2 minutes

The Kayak-Polo

This sport appeared in 1880 in Scotland. The principle: 2 teams (of 5 players in general) with a kayak per person, compete with a ball.
The goal is to score the most goals to win.


It is a long distance race, in which the competitors start from a starting point and must finish the circuit as quickly as possible.
The course is generally over a distance of 10 to 35 kilometers.

Ocean racing or merathon

It is a sport that is practiced at sea and consists of traveling long distances in boats that can be of several types but must all move forward using paddles.


This sport was born in the United States in the early 1990s and consists of performing acrobatics with a kayak, a canoe or an open canoe.

The Dragon Boat

A Dragon Boat is a race made as a team in a large boat bearing the same name and able to accommodate 20 paddlers whose rhythm is set by a drum.


The objective of this sport is to descend streams into a raft handled with paddles by one or more people.

Waveski surfing

Appeared in France in 1985, the sport was originally used by rescuers to help surfers.
It is a practice midway between kayaking and surfing.

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