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The Primary Ladies vest from Follow is a ladies model made from premium soft and durable materials. The lining prevents the vest from moving for a perfect fit all day long. Lightweight foam and fully segmented flexible panels provide comfort and protection. Very stylish, this vest will protect you in all circumstances, in the park as behind a boat.

IMPACT JACKET: Be careful, this impact jacket is not a life jacket, it will however protect you from certain impacts on the water.
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Technical characteristics

- The integrated foam bars provide perfect protection for the body and the ribs in the event of an impact on the water.
- The cut of the impact vest is fitted, it adapts perfectly to the morphology of the body, the vest moves little, which offers optimal comfort.
- Its cut promotes great freedom of movement.
- This impact vest is CE certified (impact vest) for a guarantee of safety and protection.


Neoprene thickness: 2 mm
Zip closure: front
Protective foam density: Medium