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BLUE WAY "electric scooter"

Its reversible directional propulsion is a world first which gives the product great maneuverability and ease of use.

Standing like on a paddle
This machine uses the hull of a paddle on which the practitioner stands. A handlebar gives it balance and direction. This handlebar is connected to an electric motor submerged under the hull in the form of a pod. It is this same motor which pivots via the handlebars which provides the direction. To ensure the safety of swimmers and navigation in too little water, the propeller is faired in a tunnel.

Electric propulsion with a maximum speed of 7 km / h
The 350 W motor ensures a deliberately restricted speed to 7 km / h (approximately 3.5 knots). A battery offers an autonomy of 8 hours to the machine. For added strength, the hull is rotomolded. It measures 2.50 x 1.05 wide. This large width ensures good stability. The machine weighs 34 kg to which must be added 11.5 kg of battery. A trolley (windsurfing type) is provided to bring it up to the beach.

Accessible to everyone
This machine, which can be driven without a license, is accessible to all without training. It will allow you to walk along the coast without effort. With a load capacity of 150 kg, you can even imagine sailing as a family (2 or 3 people with a child).
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Technical characteristics

Energy management
• Autonomous for one day
• Recharge in 3 hours

• `` Beachable``
• Towing on all terrain wheels

• Folding handlebars
• Limited size


Rotomolded: recyclable HDPE
Motorization: 350 W
Dimensions: 250 x 105 x 40 cm
Weight: 34 kg

Latest generation: Li-Ion
Power: 2 kWh
Autonomy: 8h
Cycles: 1,000
Weight: 11.5kg