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Pack Wakeboard Connelly Pure 2020

399.00 € 623.44 €

CONNELLY Pure 141 Deck 2020 Collection

The user-friendly shape of the Pure has allowed new riders to ride for the first time and professionals to climb to their first podium. The 3 stage rocker provides the perfect combination of predictability and power. The base features long molded fins and channels that help the board to follow. A removable 1.9 "center fin can be added for better board tracking but we recommend removing it for beginners.

CONNELLY Venza L / XL shoes (40-46)

The Venza boot is a place where performance, versatility and style meet. Designed to fit a wide variety of shoe sizes, to share with friends or family. The outer boot offers self-contained performance, while the soft Lycra lining is comfortable for all skill levels.

Technical information

- Double lacing

- Open shoes

- Flexible shoes

Venza bindings are compatible with all boards on the market.

Connelly Pure 141 + Venza 2020 Wakeboard Pack
Pack Wakeboard Connelly Pure 2020
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Technical characteristics

Board 141cm