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Pack Wakeboard Ronix Krush 2020

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The board Wakeboarding is the only board sport with a positioning of the shoulders and the waist that does not remain parallel which makes it difficult to ride on your toeside. The particularity of this board is that it is asymmetrical which allows it to be easy on its 2 sides. Finally, its 3 stage rocker will allow you to gain altitude quickly. The Krush has a slimmer profile and a lighter structure than the Vault but uses the same design technology. The Binders Built with the adaptive MainFrame chassis, the Luxe hugs every aspect of your foot when you bind the AutoLock system. Constructed from a soft and lightweight Stage 1 foam, the Luxe is a premium universal boot that's easy to find price. The support you expect from a high-end shoe and the ease of entry that will allow you to finish last minute text while you slip through those machines. Ronix Wakeboard Pack Krush 134 + Luxe (38/42) 2020
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Sold out

Technical characteristics

Board 134cm Shoe size 38 to 42