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HYPERLITE UNION 2019 - 143cm

Sells New Board in UNION 144cm blister. The Hyperlite Union wakeboard is the board that the entire Hyperlite team loves! A new shape in 2019 with the sole motto of versatility. The Union is also at ease in kicker, sliders or blocking! Main characteristics Reinforced sole also called grind sole Its reinforced sole offers resistance and solidity to send on the modules without fear of damaging your board on the first pass. Reinforced rails The elastomer rails offer better resistance to shocks in cable use and bring more rigidity to the wakeboard. Solid construction The whole board is built with wood lengthwise so that the board bends easily when you slide! Ideal if you want to overdo your press!
HYPERLITE UNION 2019 - 143cm
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Technical characteristics

Technical info Program: Cable Construction: Monocoque / Wood Rocker: Flex: Medium Boot fixing system: Classic Reinforced sole: Yes Fins: No