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Wakesurf Slingshot WF1 2020

659.00 € 928.17 €

Developed and updated for riders looking to progress as much as possible. A more compact board design that helps pumping riders; you will go further than ever. This board comes out of the water early and is capable of surfing 5-6 waves behind any wakesurf boat. If you decide to go back down on the water this board transforms into a classic wakesurfing, just insert the two FCS II fins and you're done!
The WF1 2020 will help you unleash your surfing potential with each wave and once in flight the foil placed below it will make you discover another world! and in fact ?! It fits in your board rack on the boat :)
The key to success in wakesurfing
The New EVA pads are neither too soft nor too firm, just the way we like them.
Classic Twin Fins
Once the foil is removed, install the FCS II fins and enjoy the freedom in wakesurfing to rip the wave!
Personalized settings using Rails
The mounting rails of the foil allow adjustment of the lift. slide the foil all the way to the rear to reduce lift or to ride at higher speeds. Slide it forward for maximum lift, or to ride at low speed.
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Technical characteristics

Wakesurf and Wake Foil