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Wakesurf Slingshot WF2 2020

609.00 € 834.25 €-27%

Designed to allow you to familiarize yourself with wakefoil, the shape of the board will allow you to fly from your first wakefoil tests. You don't wakefoil? no problem! The WF2 2020 also serves as a wakesurf board for everyone! The soft top deck not only protects your body but also the boat from bumps and scratches. The WF 2020 is the easiest and safest way to start foiling behind a boat. It also serves as a wakesurf board by removing the foil. The Full EVA deck increases durability and comfort for all. It also fits into the board rack on the boat. FAST ROKER The key to success in wakesurfing EVA PADS The new EVA pads are neither too soft nor too firm, just the way we love them. Personalized adjustments thanks to the Rails The mounting rails of the foil are used to adjust the lift. slide the foil all the way back to reduce lift or to ride at higher speeds. Slide it forward for maximum lift, or to ride at low speed.
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