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Ronix Quarter '"Til Midnight"

RONIX has chosen one of its best-selling, versatile series, to make it evolve without stereotypes by making it lighter and more versatile. We've taken one of our best-selling all-rounder series, which rides without stereotypes, and made it lighter, with more feedback and noticeably smoother landings. The QTM, with its hybrid rocker, goes from smooth, low-maintenance turns to high-speed, wide-aperture cuts. With quick, predictable takeoffs, explosive wake-to-wake jumps, this is a series that really covers the entire spectrum. RIDING STYLE: BOAT | ADVANCED | INTERMEDIATE CONSTRUCTION: SECRET FLEX ROCKER: HYBRID ENERGY: NEUTRAL: 4 + Hybrid - 3 intermediate stages / Continuous exterior rocker + Secret Flex Construction + 4 fiberglass ramp fins of 1.0 + G&R technology + Concave bottom + Variable Rail + Thinner Pro $ le + Universal Riding Style

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Sold out

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