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Slingshot Solo 2020 (150)

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Its flex ends allow you to have fun in the park, while its stiffness in the middle as well as its channels give you stability and a huge pop! Designed by artist Alina Scherbakova WHY WILL YOU LOVE SOLO 2020? The Solo 2020 is one of the most responsive boards in our range, with a transition from one edge to the other, and a stiff middle with channels that give it exceptional grip on the water it's a machine to Shred all terrain! EDGE ENHANCERS Fins Detachable fins give riders the responsiveness they need to maintain their trajectory in the wake and increased stability when landing. Don't forget to remove them in the park, you risk having surpises on the modules! Rocker 3 levels Fast on the water and bigger pop in the wake. Ideal for boat rides or for locking presses on park modules. BELLY CHANNELS Gives extra grip, and more stability BALLISTIC BASE With 7mm thick rails between the core of the board and the surface of the modules, our boards have been abused by the most aggressive riders for years. We certify them as "ballistic" SINGLESHOT FUSION SIDEWALL We have used the same technology as the skateboard wheels, high hardness urethane in the rails of all our boards. Our innovative manufacturing process, bonds the rails to the core of the board in one go, producing unsurpassed cushioning and durability. CARBON BEDROCK INSERTS Carbon inserts Lightweight and super strong, our inserts are reinforced with carbon fiber, before being embedded in the board. They increase resistance, and allow constant flex of the board. ATOMIC WOOD CORE Vertically laminated wood core, which gives our boards their famous flex! FLEX TIPS The characteristic flex tips of the Windsor, Solo, Bishop and Contrast models were introduced in 2017. Designed to make nosepress and tailpress easier, the flex tips were designed to move the flex points of the board from the center. towards the ends, for completely new sensations on the rails.

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