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Hyperlite Union SMU 2019 (134/143/147)

399.00 € 532.00 €-25%

The Union adds spice to Wishbone's new shape starting with its Woodlite Flex construction. The power press rocker allows riders to easily lock in the presses and the concave nose and tail is very practical on the press as well. With its extraordinary construction, you can count on the Union for several seasons!

Board with pop: you're going to take off!
Reinforced sole for better resistance and solidity on the modules.
Entirely built in wood lengthwise, the board folds easily during your slides.
High School 134
Quantity in stock : 1
High School 143
Quantity in stock : 1
High School 147
Quantity in stock : 1
Quantity :

Technical characteristics

- Solid construction

- Reinforced rails

- Good grip