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Hyperlite Dipstick 2020 (143)

319.00 € 425.34 €-25%

A flexible and forgiving ride, the perfect service for your cable and winch adventures. Inspired by Trever Maur, the Hyperlite Winch Master, the 2020 Hyperlite Dipstick Cable Park Wakeboard was created for cable novices and for those who abuse multiple boards in a season. The fully machined wood core will flex on the rails and lift out of the water with ease. With a urethane sidewall, the gauge can withstand blows from the cable or winch in an urban environment. Our sintered base is of the same quality that has made the reputation of the entire Hyperlite cable collective. Trever designed the tip and tail shape to increase ollie power and jam on presses. Hyperlite WakeBoard Gauge Cable Farm Construction Features

Sold out
Sold out

Technical characteristics

Specific cable design Fully machined wood core Continuous rocker Urethane side edge Sintered base Flat base design M6 inserts