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Liquid ForceWakeboard

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Liquid Force Tao 6X 2020 (44/46)

285.00 € 385.14 €-26%

Daniel Grant pushes wakeboarding to new limits! He also pushes his equipment to the breaking point. To follow Daniel Liquid Force, he created a new link from the ground up! The 2020 Tao 6X has a new chassis that keeps Daniel attached to his board and a new rod that allows Daniel ..... to be Daniel. The added comfort, control and range of motion allows Daniel to go really deep on the kickers and land with ease. If this binding works for Daniel, it will definitely work for you. The Tao 6X fits all wakeboard boards!

Sold out
Sold out

Technical characteristics

6X ™ Chassis System Hinged Side Panel Design Built-In Comfort Foam Upper Flex Back Cuff Stretch Zone Honeycomb Flex Floor ™ Cushioning System Ergonomic Footbed IMPACT EVA Double Locking Lace Zones Shock Absorber Base Cushion TPE frame A wide shape Fits all wake boards