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Hyperlite Webb 2017 (42)

199.00 € 320.97 €-38%

The Webb Boot interfaces with the System Binding, which allows a feeling of lightness and maximum comfort. JD Webb's boot is built like never before in the wake industry, thanks to its true shoe construction. Starting with a lightweight EVA outsole and TPR impact pods, it creates excellent cushioning underfoot. It also includes custom insoles with built-in arch support to cradle the foot and ensure maximum stability. The exclusive heat-formable liner material creates a personalized fit and comfort throughout the shoe. The shoe features an articulated lower cuff and medium flex to provide a wide range of motion in the System range. Customized memory foam insoles decrease shock and restore excellent energy after landing.

Sold out
Sold out

Technical characteristics

-Lightness and maximum comfort -Construction of real shoes -Excellent cushioning underfoot -Interfaces with the Hyperlite Pro Binding system