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Slingshot Rad 2020 (46)

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the RAD is our versatile boot that offers a medium flex for versatile riders Over the years, this boot has evolved by becoming lighter, closer to the foot and more efficient, it is the flagship boots of our range, for all riding styles! With its two-zone closure system, sleek construction, one thing is sure you'll feel like you're in slippers session after session! WHY WILL YOU LOVE 2020 RAD? The RAD is the boot of choice for riders who value comfort, performance and versatility in all riding styles. INTERCHANGEABLE GUMMYS STRAPS (Second color included) The revolutionary tightening system in TPU, the gummys straps are extensible at will and do not loosen! Easily interchangeable, customize your boots with different colors for more style. PIMP YOUR RIDE K9 BINDING SYSTEM The k9 Binding System returns in 2020, with a solid connection to the board, this system allows you to adjust your position on the board as you wish. FORGED ALU MOUNTING BRACKET The SLINGSHOT Forged Aluminum MOUNTING BRACKET is incredibly strong and lightweight. This reduces the overall weight of the boots. Lighter and always stronger! DUAL ZONE TIGHTENING A lace tightening section that combines with the top tightening of the gummy strap, for even more support HDD SYSTEM SLINGSHOT's HDD Heel Down System is integrated into the lower lacing zone, keeping the heel at all angles when tightening, increasing comfort and reducing the risk of injury. DIRECT CONNECT SOLES The SLINGSHOT direct connection soles reduce the contact between the boot and the board to allow the board to keep its flex under the rider's feet. With a direct connection to the bridge, the board's reaction time is immediate when you press the heel or toe. This increases the feeling of control of the rider and improves the overall feeling with the board.
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