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A vest that allows you to have great freedom of movement thanks to its cut and flexible fabric. The integrated foam bars provide perfect protection for the body, spine and ribs in the event of an impact on the water. With its fitted cut, you would almost forget that you are wearing a jacket impact, which is super pleasant. The eco-responsibility side of this vest is that the glue used does not contain any endocrine disruptor, heavy metals or other chemical substance dangerous for the environment or health.

WARNING: This impact vest is not a life jacket, it will however protect you from certain impacts on the water.
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Technical characteristics

- Protection of the ribs and the spine with a specific arrangement of the foams
- The shoulders are covered with a "thick velor" effect fabric, a relief that differentiates the waistcoat with class.
- Buoyancy aid vest
- The rest of the vest is in Heavy Duty fabric, very resistant and flexible.
- Woven patch on the heart


- PVC free foam
- Interior fabrics in recycled polyester
- Limestone neoprene
- Water glue for tissue lamination