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Liquid ForceWakeboard

Meagan Ethell pushes the limits behind the boat and now on the cable. Meagan therefore requires a high performance binding to be able to handle any wake or feature it can find. When designing the Vida 6X, Meagan chose a softer and more flexible control liner, with an integrated design for a greater range of motion. She added a soft honeycomb sole to minimize impact and an angled sole to keep her body in alignment. The Vida incorporates the versatile 6X chassis that can adapt to any board and gives any woman more support and control.
LIFE 6X 2021 (7-9 US)
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Technical characteristics

  • Closed shoes: better ankle support

  • 6X binding: the most versatile binding on the market

  • Soft landing: strong cushioning thanks to the honeycomb sole

  • Double lacing