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Liquid ForceWakeboard

Liquid Force Butterstick Grind 2019

393.06 € 422.65 €-7%

For its 3rd year of existence, the BUTTER STICK remains perfect for combining strength and softness… The BUTTER STICK STICK is the perfect weapon in Park Cables with a 100% wood core and very flexible concave tips. Very flat on the water, the BUTTERSTICK is very pleasant in reception. The wood core is very flexible which promotes accessibility. Ideal for parks, this board is perfectly at ease on modules with flexible tips and a simple concave over the entire hull. The thick and solid rail of the BUTTER STICK guarantees dynamic power for a limitless fun program! The flexible “FLEX TRACK” shoe rails in torsion and bending allow the BUTTERSTICK to maintain a constant and linear curvature even in a heavy press. Violet - 144 and blue - 140 Angles of shoe and stance adjustable at will, compatibility 4D shoes or classic shoes all brands ...
Height 140cm
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Height 144cm
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Technical characteristics

The BUTTERSTICK in 140 is suitable for 65 to 80Kg. The BUTTERSTICK in 144 is suitable for 75 to 88Kg.