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Liquid ForceWakeboard

LIQUID FORCE PEAK 2019 - 142cm

New board sold in PEAK 142 cm blister pack -The 2019 Liquid Force Peak: for riders looking for an incisive and powerful blocking coupled with a flex board for modules and presses.

If you're looking for a board that's ready to pop and block hard, the Peak is the board for you. The 2019 Liquid Force Peak is built with a wood core for durability AND a more loaded flex. The unique concave shape, mid-bottom chanels and a concave beveled edge allow this board to be ridden without a fin, while maintaining a solid edge. With the LG Exclusive Liquid Rail ™ base and the grind base, the board is perfectly resistant to modules.
The FlexTrack ™ system will keep you connected and in control like never before.

The ideal board for riders who want to block and do mod.
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Technical characteristics

Reinforced sole also called grind sole
Its reinforced sole offers resistance and solidity to send on the modules without fear of damaging your board on the first pass.

Reinforced rails
The elastomer rails offer better resistance to shocks in cable use and bring more rigidity to the wakeboard.

Continuous rocker
The Continuous Rocker will give you flexibility on the modules and a homogeneous board.

Optimum flex
Its flex on the tips will allow you to send press like no one on the sliders and will give you a lot of comfort in navigation.

Solid construction
Its wooden construction allows for a resistant board that offers both flexibility.

Longer and wider than traditional wakeboard boards, it offers unparalleled stability to push your limits even further.


Technical information
Program: Cable
Construction: Wood
Rocker: Continuous
Flex: Soft to medium
Shoe fixing system: 4D
Reinforced sole: Yes