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Ronix Highlife Flexbox 2019 (145)

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Thanks to this enormous continuous rocker the power released by the HIGHLIFE on modules is impressive. The precise edging of this board is matched only by the amplitude of the jumps that you will do with pleasure. The wood core with assembly of strips lengthwise provides maximum flex on the spatulas. The HIGHLIFE benefits from a FLEXBOX 2 construction totally inspired by the KINETIK SPRINGBOX 2, symbolized by undulations on the spatulas. Result: during the press the HIGHLIFEblocks faster with more firmness and the flex of the spatulas favors the rocking "side to side" while causing an energetic return. The well “present” core in the center of the board gives it all its presence and tone.

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Caractéristiques techniques

Construction features

Specific cable design
Paulownia wood core
Flexbox 2: Flexibility at the end of the line
Continuous rocker
Sintered Slider Base
M6 inserts
G&R technology


FLEXBOX: We've come to a point where not everyone is happy with a traditional flex zone due to their personal riding style. So we analyzed how a wide range of riders ollie, flex, and release water or characteristics. The result was boards with completely different pressure points.

MUTE CORE: A wooden core that knows how to push the mute button. These trees tend to get a bit chatty on the water - so we added some urethane poured into the wood to help dampen the noise of the ride.

SINTEREE SLIDE BASE: The most durable non-stick base material we've ever tested on features, and that increased glide speed on water. Our proprietary base has been formulated from a powder by heating the material in a sintering furnace above its melting point until the particles bind together. A compound of greater purity that preserves its binding over time. No obstacle is safe in the cable yards thanks to our base material suitable for arrows.