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Hyperlite BP 2017 (54")

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Brenton Priestley brought his creativity to life by designing his BP to be super responsive behind the boat or at the cable yard. Thanks to Butch's carbon composite construction, the BP can be very tough. Wakeboard Hyperlite BP 2017 (54 ")
The construction of the carbon composite spars is Scott Bouchard's most advanced addition to the line. This industry-exclusive construction utilizes the strength and lightweight properties of woven carbon by completely enveloping two core segments. These spars reflect the rocker line by creating more energy and rebound than traditional boards. This construction offers true multi-flex zones that ensure soft flex at the tip and tail and a preload zone between your boots for an explosive pop. With their tip and tail configuration, the Carbon Composite Stringers also merge the top and bottom laminates into the most vital area, the rocker line, creating the most durable and technical construction available today.

This construction uses the added strength created when the top and bottom sheets of fiberglass overlap on the perimeter of the panel. When merged, the overlapping panes create a stronger and more durable sidewall. The Double Lap is exclusive to Byerly boards and the first level of fiberglass technology.

The secret recipe that we have been perfecting since day one. This base material is the benchmark in the industry and is used throughout our range. Bio 3 is our lightest and most durable formula to date.

Each shape of the Byerly line is marked with Shaped by Scott "Butch" Bouchard. The long-standing friendship and collaboration between Byerly and Butch has spawned some of the most popular forms in wake history. Innovations like 3-stage rockers and molded fins have all come out of Mr. Bouchard's shaping room. Each board in the Byerly line has been created and handcrafted from a single piece of foam, designed to exact team specifications. Over the years, Butch has not only shaped every board, but also designed and perfected every build and lay-up in the line. You can rest assured that any Byerly board shaped by Butch is the most progressive product in the industry.
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