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Hyperlite Scandal 2019 (134)

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The Hyperlite Wakeboard Scandal is talking a lot of people. The Satin Flex is absolutely perfect for aggressive cable descents, with predictable pop and an all-wood core that easily snags on presses. , with side walls in ABS.

Product details
Rocker type
Power Press - An exaggerated kick near the end of the board allows riders to lock in heavy pressure from the nose and tail.

Satin Flex - A softer glass layup results in a softer flex and a board built to women's standards.

TIp / Tail Dual Concaves

Ramps / edges
Full ABS Sidewall - Building a stronger panel through impact protection is the goal behind the construction of the ABS Sidewall. The ABS Sidewalls will help you overcome any obstacle in the park without having to worry about delamination of the edges.

Over time, traditional woven glass fibers will separate. With the laminated glass, this bridge will look the same year after year.

Hyperlite's sintered enduro formula undergoes a process that creates a strong bond between the particles, making the finished product almost indestructible. This basic option is the perfect choice for the holder of a seasonal subscription for the cable park.

Additional features
M6 inserts

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