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Liquid Force Remedy Aero 2021 (138)

799.01 € 859.15 €-7%

Liquid Force 138 REMEDY AERO 2021 REMEDY AERO™ HARLEY CLIFFORD PRO MODEL We took one of the lightest boards in our line and made it even lighter for 2021 weighing an astonishing 5.35 lbs. The Aerocore Remedy is made from a lightweight divinycell core with C4 carbon reinforced top and base making this board extremely durable. We went back to the three position M6 inserts to make it compatible with any binding. The split tip shape and quad fin set up will give you the grip for ripping turns and control edging up the wake. Add in aggressive 3 stage rocker and triple concave flowing into the venturi quad channels, and this board will have you soaring up there with the Space X crew.

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