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Hyperlite Brigade 2019 (43)

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A piece of System boots you can trust for support and flexibility, with a more classic and elegant look. Progressive wakeboard shoes, lighter - stronger - better.

The Brigade System shoe offers a more classic style, a novelty in the System wakeboard boot range. Reminiscent of a classic top, the Brigades offer a feeling of lightness and support for the wake and the cable. One of the lightest boots in the Brigade line offers new comfort and a new feel while incorporating our increased cuff height for ankle support. Customize your support with every pull on the laces and get ready to crush it this season!

Main features of the Hyperlite Brigade system wake fixings
Memory foam insoles
Eva Lite soles
Thermoformable EVA Hyper-Liner
Traditional lacing system
Lightweight support equipment
Drainage panels and footings
2-part construction
Protection of Eva's heels against impact
Integrated heel support system
Brigade 2019
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