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This tricolor jacket looks more like a pleasant Sunday seaplane cruise on the California Delta. Its dual-layer neoprene construction uses outer and inner layers of neoprene to minimize the effect of water penetration, keeping the fit of the jacket as intended. Featherweight internal foam ensures a lightweight feel on the body, while fully segmented foam panels allow maximum movement.

IMPACT JACKET: Be careful, this impact jacket is not a life jacket, it will protect you from certain impacts on the water.
M / Tricolor Gray
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XL / Tricolor Gray
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XXL / Tricolor Gray
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Caractéristiques techniques

- Good fit
- Double layer neoprene construction.
- Fully segmented flexible foam panels.
- The featherweight, softest and lightest foam we can find.
- YKK locker zipper.
- Distressed leather zipper pullers.
- Generous Happy Fit contour.
- Designed with Derek Cook.


- Double layer neoprene keeps the jacket fitting as expected and helps reduce chest expansion in the water;
- There are two ways to keep a life jacket as light as possible: reduce water absorption and use the lightest materials we can get our hands on. Our featherweight foam is the best of both worlds