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Old fashioned, with that rugged puffer-inspired flair. The fully tapered Pro Fit that will show you've kept your balance, and the fully segmented flexible foam panels will give you all the movement you could possibly need.

Dual-layer construction and ultra-light foam features ensure you get the same tracking quality you expect. Ten years of driving with their own gear has taught them a thing or two about building quality products at a price point.

IMPACT JACKET: Be careful, this impact jacket is not a life jacket, it will protect you from certain impacts on the water.
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Caractéristiques techniques

- Double layer construction.
- Fully segmented flexible foam panels.
- Ultra-light foam, the softest and lightest we can find.
- YKK locker zipper.
- Aged leather zippers.
- Premium quality and style at a targeted price.


- FEATHER WEIGHT FOAM: There are two ways to keep a vest as light as possible: reduce water absorption and use the lightest materials we can find. Our featherweight foam is the best of both worlds.