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Location Seabob

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30.00 € / Session
Consignes et règles sanitaires
Caribbean Yachting is now open! Don't hesitate any longer and come and discover fun and original activities!

Nombre de personnes

5 Personne (s)

Période de validité

13/01/2021 - 31/01/2022

Difficulté de l'activité


Langues parlées

français, anglais

Lieu de rendez-vous

138 Avenue Robert Deloy, 97217 Les Anses-d'Arlet, Le Marin, Martinique

Description de l'activité

Come and discover fun and original activities at Caribbean Yachting!

Swim like a dolphin thanks to the Seabob, fill up with adrenaline in a towed buoy, move underwater like a majestic manta ray thanks to the Subwing or discover the seabed on your Zayak.

Thanks to our technology, you will be able to enjoy and discover the seabed without any effort. Let yourself be carried away by your desire!

Matériel inclus

Seabob, masque, tubas 


Location de Seabob 15min

30.00 € / Session

Location de saebob pour découvrir les fonds marins


15 Minutes

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