WIBIT: water games that attract tourists and locals in summer

Wibit is the world's leading brand of inflatable water structures. Professionals have been choosing the Wibit brand for 25 years, and every year it continues to change the way people play on water.
The teams are committed to offering the best aquapark experience on the planet. Today, the brand boasts more than 50,000,000 Wibit visitors, owners and partners in over 100 countries worldwide.

And for personalized support and regular follow-up in France, Christine and Jacques Casanova, the founders of CDLD / Wibit France, are at your service! They are the brand's official distributor in France.

Aquaparc: for who?

Wherever there's water, an aquapark comes into its own! There are inflatable aquatic modules that can be assembled to create your own course.

There are several ways to get started:

  • if you don't have a water sports facility (school, leisure center, campsite, hotel, etc.): communities issue invitations to tender. If you work with the CDLD / Wibit France teams beforehand, you'll have every chance of creating your own aquapark.
  • you have a water sports facility: the aquapark will be a major asset, a plus for your area.
  • you have a water sports facility but no lake: Aventure Sud Gironde is a leisure park located in Bazas. The founders decided to broaden their offer by proposing an aquapark for their customers. Since they didn't have a lake, they created an artificial basin which now houses a Wibit aquapark with over 40 modules.

le tout nouvel aquaparc d'aventures sud gironde à bazas avec plus de 40 modules différents

Wibit aquapark for all lakes and pools

1. Lake

On a beach, a nautical base, a lake, a leisure center, ... as soon as there's water, there's a solution to add an aquapark. An aquapark is a plus for you, attracting a varied clientele and thus increasing your facility's visitor potential. Children, families, friends, companies, groups... they all love going to the aquapark to have a good time while enjoying a refreshing activity.

2. Swimming pool

With Wibit modules, you can energize your pool 365 days a year. In an aquatic center or campsite, for example, you can organize friendly tournaments.
Practical and easy to install, you can transform your pool in no time at all.

3. Wakeparks

Do you have a water ski lift? A wakepark? Increase your potential now with a Wibit aquapark. Aquaparks attract the eye, friends and even families looking for activities for their children. In many aquaparks, with supervision by a responsible adult, children can go as young as 6. And if you want to attract 4-year-olds, you have the Wibit Kids modules, accessible only to the youngest.

un plan d'eau qui a opté pour un aquaparc wibit avec une plage juste à côté pour amuser tous les âgesdes jeunes s'amusant sur un aquaparc wibit qui est sur une piscineun téléski nautique qui a opté pour un aquaparc juste à côté de son téléski

Safety: their top priority

1. Uncompromising safety

Nothing is left to chance: classification, materials, test methods, consumer information and specific safety requirements all comply with European standard EN 15649. What's more, it is validated by the world-renowned independent German inspection body TÜV.

All modules are tested for:

  • tensile strength
  • UV resistance
  • pull-out tests
  • absence of hazardous materials

All certificates are available and you can ask for them. What's more, there's no risk of entrapment or strangulation. Markings are available on each module. The connections between each module are equipped with cover flaps, which ensure that they can't be injured. And finally, the valves for deflating the modules are secure locking valves, which your customers can never try to touch.

From start to finish, everything is done to ensure that your customers enjoy themselves in complete safety.

2. German quality

The equipment is designed directly at Wibit's German headquarters. This is where everything is designed and tested.

To talk a little about the manufacturing process, the modules are made from UV-treated 1,100 g/m2 reinforced PVC. A material you'll find again in the production of inflatable boats.
And that's not all!

  • triple-reinforced 5-layer welded seams: interior, exterior and sealing layer
  • marine-grade 316 stainless stee

3. Wibit warranty

Your purchase includes a 3-year warranty against defects in welds, valves and PVC material. If the warranty conditions are met, Wibit will repair the product or offer you a replacement free of charge.

Embark on the Wibit adventure with CDLD / Wibit France

With CDLD / Wibit France, you're not just buying an aquapark. Christine Casanova will help you design your park to suit your needs, and on the day of installation you won't be alone. The CDLD / Wibit France team will be on hand to help you set up.

If you have any questions, or don't know how to do something, you can call them whenever you like. On social networks, they'll also share your publications and help you find seasonal employees for your aquapark.

When you want to get started, you become part of the Wibit family. You're never alone: CDLD / Wibit France can help you, and you can ask other managers for advice.
Christine and Jacques Casanova have expertise and years of experience, and they're always happy to come and see you.

Do you have a project idea? Or simply have a question? Contact them today.

christine et jacques casanova en photo avec deux gérants d'un aquaparc qu'ils sont venus voirchristine casanova de cdld qui aide à monter les modulesde nombreux gérants d'aquaparc avec l'équipe de cdld / wibit france

What are Wibit modules?

Wibit modules are of the highest quality, and can be assembled or stand-alone. They bring your aquapark to life. They'll be the stuff of dreams for kids looking for safe, fun on the water. You'll please parents who'll see their children having a blast running around. You'll challenge the older kids with ever-higher modules for guaranteed thrills. And you'll offer groups a moment of sharing and laughter.

Here's an overview of all the possibilities you can have with the Wibit brand.

1. 2023 novelty: PEAKZ on the water

nouveau module Wibit pour les aquaparcs, le peakz pour avoir un accrobranche au dessus de l'eau

This brand-new concept, which you won't see anywhere else, is a real tree-climbing course on water. It's already won two awards and been recognized by international outdoor leisure experts.
With three different heights, you'll be able to challenge your customers and win them over with this extraordinary course. The little extra? You can connect it to your Wibit aquapark.

It's a novelty that attracts with its height and lets everyone test their mettle.

A novelty that the Cap d'Adge aquapark has already added to its aquapark!

2. Straddle slide: Rodeo Slide

module rodeoslide Wibit pour parc aquatique

A rodeo slide for a fall into the water. It's even more fun to ride than a pony! 

Dimensions: 3.5 x 2 m
Capacity: 2 people

3. The Multi-Rodeo: Rodeo Splash

module Rodéo splash par Wibit

A stand-alone module that lets up to 6 people have fun at the same time. Your customers can straddle the puddles and slide into the water!

Dimensions: 4 x 4.5 m - 1.4 m high
Capacity: 6 people

4. An aquatic hurdle race: Hurdle

Course de Haies aquatique

You've heard of the hurdle race, but what about on the water? The principle is simple: your customers have to cross the yellow hurdle and swim under the blue one! A slightly sportier module, but just as much fun.

Dimensions: 6 x 2.5 m - 0.30cm high
Capacity: 2 people

5. A monkey cage: Monkey Bars

La Cage à Singes

This module can be crossed by arm power alone! With your feet in the water, your customers will have to grab the rungs one by one until they reach the end, otherwise they're sure to fall.

Dimensions: 6 x 4 m - 2 m high
Capacity: 4 people

6. A modular inflatable water trampoline: Trampoline 4

Trampoline aquatique gonflable modulaire

A triangular trampoline that can be connected to 4 other Wibit modules. This module will appeal to young and old alike who love to jump!

Dimensions: 6 x 6 m - 0.90 m high
Capacity: 3 people

Not sure which modules to choose? Christine and Jacques are here to advise and help! Creating a course from scratch can sometimes be a real challenge. You need to take into account the depth, length and width of your lake, the clientele you're targeting...
Alternatively, take a look at their recommended assemblies.

Ready to get started? The CDLD / Wibit France team is waiting for you!