Thailand Wake trip /   Eric Gouzou by Annabel Rouet 

Winter has settled in and many of you want to flee it for sunny destinations... Australia, South America, Africa or Asia! But do you know where you can combine holidays and wakeboarding?

A short tour of Thailand and its many wakeboarding spots:

Wakeboarding in Northern Thailand

- Canyon Wake Park in Chang Mai. A 2 tours in a unique landscape with an aquapark if you travel with your family.

Wakeboarding North of Bangkok

- ESC Thai Wake Park, the brand new spot of the Thai Wake Park family

wake trip in Thailand

- Thai wake park Lumlukka, famous spot that you can't avoid as a wakeboarder with the chance to meet maybe international pros-riders

Wake cable in Thailand

Wakeboarding South of Bangkok

- Zanook Wake Park, the ideal spot for a Thai family expedition. Wakeboarding, jetskiing, aquapark and paddle rental ultra accessible because in the heart of the city of Bang Bon on the outskirts of Bangkok

Wake trip wakeboard Thailand

- Taco Lake, a little corner of nature to change your mind between 2 ropes and 3 tricks

Wakepark Thailand

Wakeboarding in Eastern Thailand

- Thai wake park Pattaya, another Thai Wake Park spot! If you're around Pattaya, it's the only wake spot in the area

Wakeboarding in Western Thailand

- Black Mountain Wakepark, is a complex with golf, a huge water park and a wakepark! Enough to stop for a few days to have a good time with family, friends or as couple

thailand wake trip

- Cable Wakeboard Kite Thailand, the ideal spot for wake and kite fans! Depending on the weather conditions, practice wakeboarding on the 2 towers system and its modules or kitesurf at Pranburi Dam

Cablepark Pranburi Dam Thailand

Wakeboarding in Southern Thailand

If you have booked your holiday in Phuket, then you will have something to ride!

- International Wake Park, North of Phuket became famous by the passage of many famous riders like Julia Rick! A perfect setup and an artificial wave for guaranteed laughing moment

Wakecable Thailand

- Anthem Wakepark, located only 25 minutes from Phuket Airport! A perfect cable if you are a beginner but also great for fun if you are more experienced

Wakeboard in Thailand

- Phuket Wake Park, is THE place to go if you travel with friends! Just 15 minutes away from the wild Patong parties and a park where you will be able to have incredible sessions

Now you can plan your trip around Thailand and know where to practice your favorite sport! Feel free to share with us your travel pictures with the hashtag #SpotYourRide