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PLOK, the French brand of hangers for neat neoprene.

Don't know what to do with your wetsuit after a session?

LAMPROA hangers allow you to stretch your neoprene without damaging it so that it drains and dries quietly.
Mainly equipped with a suction cup and a handle to attach, they will find a place wherever you are to take care of your equipment!

History of the brand:
The adventure begins when a water sports enthusiast and creative decides to find a solution to dry his wetsuit in his apartment. With the interest aroused by those around him around this new solution, he decided to market it. A few months later, the brand was born with the desire to convey certain values promoting respect for the environment. Neoprene is difficult to recycle, so it is advisable to take care of it to avoid throwing it away. Made in Bordeaux, LAMPROA hangers are pure products of modern craftsmanship by combining the handmade and the high technology of 3D printing.