Water sports and activities in the current context:

The health crisis that we are targeting in the world has caused a lot of damage, physical, financial, human. Many were forced to shut down their spots and therefore practitioners were forced to stay at home.

Since the beginning of this long period we have all been asking ourselves the same questions; We would like to know if we could resume sport? when? How? 'Or' What? Will life resume its normal course?

President's announcement from November 24:

Our president Emmanuelle Macron spoke last night:

He announced very good news for us water sports enthusiasts: In 4 days, on November 28, it will be possible to practice  outdoor physical activity within a radius of 20 km around your place of confinement and for a maximum duration of 3 hours. . You will still need to have a travel certificate. Some would say it is not much, but it is already a great advantage to be able to practice in this time of confinement.

The nautical spots will therefore be able to reopen their doors!

While life will not return to normal right away, it is a start, security measures will gradually be reduced. We are all fighting for the same cause.

For those who still cannot practice due to distance or time, we wish you can resume your activities very soon.

But until the containment is there to prevent the virus from spreading, follow the instructions well even if it is hard.

And if you run out of water that much you can still take a bath!

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