Ideal spots to spend time with family or friends! 

We met Nicolas Prudhomme, co-manager of the structures, who presented them to us. 

Pouvez-vous présenter vos aquaparcs et votre activité rapidement ?

We actually manage two aquaparks. 

Since summer 2016, AQUAPARC Lauragais is installed on the lake of Thésauque in Montgeard (31560), 25 min from Toulouse towards Carcassonne. We operate a free supervised swimming area, a boat rental service and a Wibit aquapark with a capacity of 100 people. There are also 3 restaurants, a campsite***, children's playgrounds and picnic areas on the lakefront. For the summer of 2021, the aquapark will be enlarged by the addition of trampolines (without changing the capacity), and the boats will all be replaced, so we will have 12 pedal boats, 6 kayaks and 6 paddles.

Since summer 2019, AQUAPARC Comminges is installed on the lake of Montréjeau (31210), 1 hour from Toulouse, at the foot of the Pyrenees. We simply operate an aquapark Wibit with a capacity of 80 people. At the edge of this lake, you can also find a free supervised swimming area (with the Blue Flag label), a boat rental service (pedal boats, kayaks and paddles), games for children, a restaurant, picnic areas and 12 chalets for rent. For the summer of 2021, this aquapark will also be enlarged without changing the capacity.

Can you quickly present your team and yourself? 

We manage all this together, with Audrey, my partner and associate. She is in charge of Montréjeau (Comminges) and I am in charge of La Thésauque (Lauragais), but all the means are common and the decisions are taken together.

In summer, we have of course staff, 3 people in Montréjeau and 8 people in Thésauque including Axel, the operations manager who has been working with us since 2016. Our employees are young, all trained in first aid, and are often the same every year.


What are the inflatable modules found on your aquaparks?

Without being strictly identical, our aquaparks are similar and we find more or less the same modules: mini-blump, trampoline, trapeze, slides, diving boards, monkey bars, high roller, Japanese steps, various small obstacles and other traps, circulation zones and many steps in the water to go back up more easily.



Do you offer additional activities or fast food?

On the Thésauque, we also have a swimming area and boats, but no restaurants. On Montréjeau, we only have the aquapark, but we also sell drinks and ice cream.

From what age is the aquapark accessible?

To access our aquaparks, you must be 6 years old and know how to swim. All participants are equipped with a life jacket and supervised by two lifeguards, but there is a depth of between 2.50 m and 5.00 m under the games

Are there specific safety rules in place in your aquaparks?

Of course, and this is the heart of our business: to allow people to refresh themselves, have fun and do sports in complete safety. The 3 most important rules are the compulsory wearing of a life jacket, the prohibition to dive head first and the prohibition to venture under the structures, but there are other rules of common sense, good manners and mutual aid.

Are any of the activities accessible to the handicapped or to people with reduced mobility?

Regardless of disability, a pedal boat ride is always possible. Accessibility to the aquapark depends on the disability, but everyone has the possibility to try it with the help of our staff, on a case by case basis.

What equipment do I need to have fun at the aquapark?

You just need to bring your bathing suit and know that you can quickly slip and find yourself on all fours or in the water. We therefore recommend that you wear a swimsuit suitable for sports rather than sunbathing. Neoprene suits are allowed. No shoes or slippers.

We provide life jackets. 


Do you have any special instructions regarding the health crisis we are currently experiencing?

We have closed our locker rooms, so that everything is done outside for our clients.

Staff must wear masks and wait in line, respect distances, make SHA available, give priority to contactless payment, systematically disinfect vests, and reduce the capacity of our facilities by 30%. We also encourage our customers to interact only with the people in their group.

What are the consequences for the spot of the implementation of such rules? 

People have to change before arriving and manage their own business. A little less people on the structures is always better.

Finally, when is it possible to enjoy your aquaparks ?

AQUAPARC Comminges : from June 26th to August 29th 2021, every day from 1pm to 8pm.

AQUAPARC Lauragais : 

The Aquapark and the Rentals will be open :

 - from June 26 to August 29, 2021, every day from 10am to 8pm.

 - every Saturday and Sunday in September, from 1pm to 7pm.

And the supervised swimming :

 - from June 26 to August 29, 2021, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 1 to 6 pm.