The month of June begins and the summer arrives, that’s why the Spotyteam gives you today a list of sports that you can do with your family.    


Best water sports for families


1  - Paddle

Whether it is stand-up paddle, paddle yoga, paddleboard and others, they are all suitable for all generations, regardless of age. So you can have fun and enjoy water with your family. 

Paddle is a sport born in Hawaii in the 1960s consisting of standing on a board and moving forward using a paddle. For the youngest and beginners, it can also be practiced on their knees for more stability.

To find the spot near you : Spot paddle  


Paddling session in group


2 - Canoe-kayak 

Canoeing can be practiced at sea,  river, and calm water ... So for sure , you will find a spot next to you on

Exercice but also relaxation at the same time, this sport will allow you to make beautiful water walks and discover the whole nature

This sport was born in 1865 in England and spread  France in 1869. It will be perfect if you want to enjoy with your whole family an outing in nature, since the boats can accommodate several people.

If you want to go canoeing in the beautiful "Gorges de l'Ardèche", you can find in this article the best spots : Top 5 of the best canoe spots in Ardèche 

You can also find all the canoe spots by clicking here : Spots canoë-kayak


Kayaking in river


3 - Windsurf


Sport very appreciated since it's suitable for everyone, windsurf will meet the success with all your family. You will be able to sail at sea or on  a lake, while standing in balance on your board and play with the wind .

Windsurf developed in France in the 1970s and it's the perfect nautical sport  to escape with your whole  family and enjoy a nautical activity together..

With this link you can find the windsurf spot for your next session : Spot planche à voile  


Windsurfing on turquoise water


4 - Kneeboard


A variation of water skiing, the kneeboard is much more suitable for children or beginners as it is practiced on the knees on the board in order to gain balance and stability. 

A tow boat tow you and the speed makes you feel adrenaline.

This sport, which appeared in France in the 1960s, is now much appreciated by the general public for the excitement it makes the practitioner feel at full speed.

To find the spot near you : Spot kneeboard  


Kneeboard session


Now, you have all the keys in hand to find a nautical activity for you and your family.

Good sliding to all!

Water activities in family

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