RedBull photographer Michael Clark is approached by the photo equipment brand, Elinchrom, to test the new ELB1200. He directly thought of the kayakist Rafael Ortiz for magnificent action pictures.

“Whitewater kayaking is a sport that requires fast shutter speeds to stop the motion of the kayaker and the water flying everywhere. Adventure, water, speed, technology, it seemed like a perfect fit for using the Hi-Sync capabilities of the ELB1200 along with the HS flash heads.” – Michael Clark

It was Spirit Falls in Washington that they chose to embark on this mission. A magical and easy place to go up to pick up shots. Indeed, as Michael explains: “Normally when shooting whitewater kayaking you shoot at a high frame rate and blast away at 8 or 12 frames per second so you capture all aspects of the action.”

Extrem Kayak

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