The Foil is a curved fin that is placed under a kitesurfing, wakesurfing, surfing, paddle or windsurfing board. Yes, it is the same board you saw flying over the water by the sea last summer!

The hydrofoil is completely immersed under water and will, by its force, push the board to which it is attached. The practice of foiling is not easy, requires a solid foundation in water sports and we strongly advise you to take lessons to get started!

Today, Spotyride gives you 10 good reasons to try the foil this summer:

1 – Feeling like you’re flying

Thanks to its exceptional aerodynamics, it allows you to literally stay in the air. The fin transports you over the water, giving you the feeling of flying like on a flying carpet!

2 – To be able to sail on days of light wind

Especially for beginners, no strong wind is needed to practice foiling !

3 – Discover new sensations

You will rediscover sports that you know well, such as kitesurfing or windsurfing, that will seem completely different to you.

4 – Physical condition

Foil is a very complete sport that requires a certain level of physical fitness. Pump to move forward and swim… especially swim!

5 – Launch a new challenge

It’s always motivating to set new goals! It will take you some time to get comfortable on the foil, even if you are an experienced kiter.

6 – The possibility to practice anywhere

In ponds, lakes or sea, enjoy your foil everywhere! Any family outing or with friends will be a good pretext for a foil session.

7 – Speed

The foil allows you to reach speeds of 15 to 20 knots for the best beginners, 30 knots for experienced athletes and up to 40 for professionals.

8 – A good excuse to explore the world’s water areas

The foil will make you see the spots in a different way and will therefore make you want to discover new turquoise waters!

9 – The silence

Because it’s above the water, the glide generates no sound, no wake on the water. Even at high tide, the chop is over !

10 – Do as your idols

Feel like the Hawaiian Kai Lenny

We repeat ourselves but it is important, test the foil with an instructor and don't try to initiate yourself. Foil can be a dangerous sport!


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