The Wakeboard takes an important place in the identity and origin of Spotyride. Rich in thrills, practicable at sea, in lakes, ponds… In short, on any water spots, wakeboarding is one of the extreme aquatic sports. Therefore, it is important to us to help you in the learning and discovery of this nautical activity. We will see together how to choose your board that will get you through your sessions.

As usual, if you’re a beginner and you intend to get started in this water sport, we advise you first of all to rent equipment that will allow you to check that the targeted gear is the most suitable for your practice.



Define your practice:


It is important to take a board suited to the targeted aquatic sport. For example, practitioners towed by boat will have boards with fins that are not usable in Wake Park, because it makes the passage on the ramps impossible. Unlike surfing, fins are usually cast from the board. Consider differentiating between the two models for adapted practice. In addition, a motorboat-towed offshore practice board will be slightly larger than in wakepark, about 2 to 4 cm on each side.




Most important features of your board 



The rocker will be the shape of your board seen from the side. It is divided into two categories, the continuous rocker and the rocker in 3 levels.

The continuous rocker has a constant curve from one spatula to another on your board. It favors speed to sacrifice a slight nervousness. The pure gliding sensations will be more marked, but we prefer to put forward another type of board to discover the hapiness of the Cable Park and its ramps.

The 3-level rocker has a flat center and two raised spatulas that promise greater nervousness and a better call during jumps to launch aerial and violents tricks in a more advanced freestyle perspective. More suitable within Wake Park, the 3-level rocker will promise you a maximum of fun to ride the modules.


How choose a wake board


Flex :


Remember to ask for boards with a lot of flex regarding your level, which will leave you a greater margin of error during your maneuvers. Flex stand for the flexibility of your board. A very rigid board with less flex is often used for the practice of wakeboarding on boats, for greater nervousness and for better projection when launching tricks.



Stance :


The choice of the Stance is important because it will define your comfort on the board. The stance defines the space and position of your feet on your board. It is important to have a stance at least wider than the width of your pelvis. For snowboarders, you should be familiar with the foot spacing reproduced on your snowboard.




Size of the board :


The choice of the board must be made according to your size and weight according to the practice. For a classic wakeboard practice in the lake, refer to the following table to find the ideal size of your board. Keep this in mind for practice in Wakepark or Sea.
For practice at sea, add +2 to 4 cm of the initial measurement. For teleski/cablepark practice, remove -2 to -4 cm below the initial measurement.

Tips for chose a wake boad


Shoes :


The open shoes allows a margin of high sizes, and therefore allow several people to use them. A beginner practice is required for these shoes, we advise you to pass directly on closed shoes during your time on modules in wakepark to practice wakeboarding safely.

If you are a beginner, do not hesitate to choose more flexible shoes that are less violent for the ankles, more permissive and much more suitable for initiations. For a more nervous and violent practice recommended to experienced practitioners, rigidity is sought.

Similarly, opt for high shoes for better support if you have fragile ankles. Low shoes can be rough on corners and require a good experience and knowledge of sliding sports, more from the perspective of improvement than learning. Of course, the neoprene slipper can be worn as a supplement for better foot protection.

Man in wakeboard session


Now that you have your board, you are closer to the championships, and soon to the title of world champion ! All you have to do is find the cable park closest to you !



Find your perfect board on Spotyride!

Come discover on the spots of water activities in your region!


If you’re looking to hone your skills and find information about WakeBoard, take a look at the tips from Unleashed Wake Magazine!

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