Discovery of the Ski Nautique Club of Dormans with Denis Thibaut, treasurer of the club. b. 

"My name is Denis Thibaut, I started the sport at the age of 20, by horse riding, by sailing and water skiing which followed. First boat for water skiing in the seventies and arrival at the Club Nautique de Dormans in 1978. It was a relatively young club since it started in 1976. "

Presentation of the SNCD 

Only 30 minutes from Reims, in the small town of Dormans, the SNCD is located on the river Marne in the Grand Est. The club is located right next to the campground of Dormans "Sous le Rocher". The club was created in 1976 and is part of the structures affiliated to the FFSNW since its beginning. Open from the beginning of May to the end of September, the club offers water skiing and wake boat, kneeboard, baby ski and towed buoy. 


"It's never been just an owners' club, we accepted people who didn't have a boat. "

Usually boat owners loan their boats, but this summer the club is expected to put a purchased boat into service. They've already started it on land in a big can. Usually the club is open from the beginning of May to the end of September, but right now the season is a little shorter. Being located on the campground, the club also lives at the rhythm of the camping. We are going to organize some openings but it will be difficult to impose to a person to wait all afternoon. Most of the people are not on site, so travel is more complicated.  

Two types of licenses are given: the classic licenses which concern about thirty members and the discovery licenses for about 90 people. The club also welcomes groups (EVJ and vacation camps) and visitors from the nearby campsite.


"We are all volunteers at the club, but we have members who can't come often, only on a Saturday or Sunday from time to time. But we have people who will be there every weekend because it's their pleasure to be there every weekend."     

For all the practitioners who want to we have the equipment, the suits available. 

The consequences of the COVID-19

Last year we had a relatively good season despite everything with people from the campground who came to ski. We also have vacation camps that come to the campsite and therefore quite a few groups. We also organize with the FFSNW open doors ...sncd-enfants

The events of the club

This summer, the club lives at the rhythm of the open days which follow one another all the month of July 2021. We start this Saturday, July 10 with the women's day, followed by the July 14 for the open house with boat tour. On July 17, new open doors and on July 24 it is a special Baby Ski. To close this intense month, the club finishes on July 31 with a women's day. All the open doors take place from 2pm to 5pm.    sncd-structure

What are the advantages of being affiliated to the FFSNW?

The club has always been affiliated with the Federation, since 1976. The question of remaining affiliated has arisen, particularly in relation to the minimum quotas of licensees. Nevertheless the FFSNW is a real support for the club. It accompanies it in the organization (open doors), at the financial level (subsidies), at the level of the material (baby-ski, flags) and finally as actor of legitimacy (label and fight for the safeguard of the club on the river).ffsnw-logo


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