I / Whatis a surf foil

The surf foil appeared in the 2000s. Among the precursors we find big names like Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama and many others...
Originally, they  used the foil to fly over the water in towed surf.
In 2016,
KaiLennyexplodedthenumberofpractitionersfollowingthevideosofhis exploits in Surf Foil on theHawaiiside. Discipline is
The undeniable advantages that the foil brings to its practitioners, by offering new sensations, by maximizing the number of possible sessions and above all by opening up the number of practicable spots where only a light swell is enough to be able to start having fun....

Here is the composition of a classic foil :

II/ The electric foil or E-surf, how does it work ? 

After discovering the foil surfing, we will switch to the e-foil! A sport that can be practiced both on lakes and at sea, because there no longer needs waves to get sensations, you just press the lever and let's go! Foil is good, but Electric Foil or E-Foil is even better! With the addition of a turbine you can enjoy the sensations of flying above the surface  which are incredible !
This small motor added to the foil which allows it to keep a constant speed even on the flat, with very little energy we find ourselves planning on our E-Foil in a few meters. To manage the engine power, a waterproof remote control is supplied with the board. A battery has also been integrated into the board in order to power the electric turbine.

III / The top e-foils on the markets

  • JetFoiler : This is a product of kai Concepts, built from the same quality composite used in high end racing boats. To talk about its characteristics (speed, autonomy ...), the brand has not yet revealed them, so it is difficult to compare it to competitors. www.jetfoiler.com

  • Cabratec EasyGoat : A foil that comes from the Czech Republic, an autonomy of 50 minutes with 3 speed modes, it is one of the most affordable on the market. It can reach a speed of 35km / h. The assembly of your e-foil will take only 5 minutes. www.cabratec.com

  • Albatros Okarbon eFoil : This E-foil Made in Slovenia is available for pre-order. It looks very promising ! Inflatable, it offers many advantages: ease of transport, ease of storage, ease of repair. Enjoy 1 hour of autonomy and a speed of 35km / h. okarbon/hydrofoil-albatross

  • ELdoRIDEdo : The world's first electric foil powered by IMPELLER (an electric foil with one wheel) by a talented Eldo team from the Czech Republic. 60 minutes of autonomy with a maximum speed of 48km / h. eldoridedo.com


  • Efoil E-Takuma : Takuma e-foil is another quality and affordable product. Takuma is known for the production of traditional hydrofoils and wings. It has a modular system (easy battery replacement) and allows you to navigate for more than an hour at a speed close to 30km takuma.fr

  • Flying rodeo: A brand combining the best materials with technology and know-how to offer a perfect e-foil. This E-Foil allows you to glide 1m high at a speed of 50km while keeping a perfect balance! The combination of light wings (VCarbone) and an economical electric motor, for total respect for the environment ! flyingrodeoefoil.com
  • LiftFoils : One of the oldest electric foils. They have combined the technology of modern electric cars with the know-how of hydrofoil, to be able to develop their e-foil. They now have a wide choice of products. With an autonomy of 90 minutes and a speed of 40km / h liftfoils.com

  • Waydoo E-foil : The high quality aluminum alloy materials make this e-foil extremely light. It is the first electric hydrofoil ... Delivered in a rolling crate allowing you to bring your machine anywhere ... With a speed of 40km / h and an autonomy of 85min you will be able to enjoy. waydootech.com

  • Izy foil : A French company based in Annecy, it manufactures the lightest e-foil on the market. With a very affordable price and tested products, it will find its place in the market. it has 90 minutes of autonomy at cruising speed izyfoil.fr

  • Fliteboard: This exceptional Australian e-foil has high quality materials. It is characterized by the interchangeability of components that make Fliteboard easy to transport, assemble, and customize according to the conditions of the day, your goals or your desires. You will find the Fliteboard in many shapes and sizes, including the inflatable model for easier learning. It can go up to 45km / h and can travel up to 30km of distance. fliteboard.com
  • Vefoil : It's a project that aims to create a very affordable and safe board. Available for pre-order. Whatever your skill level you will be able to fly on water at a speed of around 30km / h veconcepts.com
  • Redwood paddle : This e-foil is 100% French ! From design to development, and from development to assembly, everything is done locally. This e-foil offers unique Made in France materials. With an autonomy of 90 minutes and a speed between 30 and 40km / h this e-foil ranks among the best on the market. redwoodpaddle.com