Discovering "Surfeurs Solidaires"

Today, Spotyride has decided to make you discover the association Surfeurs Solidaires. Special Thanks toUncle Iban for answering all our questions and for his investment in the riding community around the world.

Creation of Surfeurs Solidaires

Surfeurs solidaires is an association that has been working since 2001 to gather and ship surfing equipment to countries for where it's difficult to practice surf, despite the presence of prominent nearby spots, used mainly for tourism purposes rather than local.

" After many trips to Morocco, I was able to observe that you only see tourists in the water, and very few locals. After seeing the hospitality, the economic potential and all that Morocco can bring to tourism, I wanted to bring them the opportunity to discover our passions"- Iban.

Assocation dynamics

Associations for surfers

The organisation now has 6 active volunteers, and the material is sometimes distributed to other associations with the same objective as Surfeurs Solidaires.

Because these are the association’s core values and motivations. Mutual help, sharing, solidarity. In addition, the equipment is regularly transported by French surfers leaving to ride in the target countries by Van or truck. The objective is to be able to send as much material as possible, but also to allow a human experience for young French, new meetings for a greater openness of mind.

The missions are supported by the common energy, both by the shipping and by the use of the equipment. Collective use is aimed, the material must be able to be used and shared by all within associations, groups of friends or made available for teachers from these villages. The association finances its projects through a yard sale in France aimed at disposing of stocks of partners, unsold, design defects etc.. , thus allowing the financing of the various costs put in place.

Equipment gathered

Different surf board

In 11 years, Surfeurs Solidaires has ensured the gathering and shipping of about 1000 wetsuits and 500 boards of bodyboard as of surf, in multiple countries like Morocco, Algeria, Madagascar, the Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Iran, Philippines, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Sierra Leone, or Cape Verde.

Many boards were repaired by Blank SurfShack located in Anglet. The group wanted to voluntarily repair boards for us, in case of lack of equipment for repair, they sometimes took money out of their pocket voluntarily. The shipped boards were stored, cleaned, and repaired to send equipment in good condition.”

Surf on a beach

Surfers Solidaires is first of all a human adventure that brings beautiful encounters, satisfaction and the simple pleasure of allowing kids to discover surfing, and an opportunity to open up to the world. Some residents recovering material can potentially make money out of it, discuss and exchange with tourists around the spot, etc..

You can find Surfers solidaires on their Facebook page for the retrieval of material or at Biarritz Surf Rider, which is a place of removal of material. Feel free to drop these dusty, never-used planks, this wetsuit that hangs around the back of your closet, or even the broken board covers that carry the material by plane.

 Let’s help Surfers Solidaires in their daily fight and share our passion with as many people as possible!