This outdoor sport is halfway between nautical and terrestrial, and aim to climb moutain walls, go down watercourse and enjoy natural slides, perfect to mix sports and flora and fauna discovering.

If you want to know more about this sport and its federation: French spéléology federation


The best canyoning spots in France

The Spotyteam offers you today a small list of the best canyon in France. If you want to discover this outdoor sport, now is the time! With this article, book online your next outing with family or friends.

  • Le Llech 

This spot is located in Prades, in the Eastern Pyrenees and more precisely in the Regional Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees. 

For all the fans of spots that are practiced in the countryside, the Canigou massif will impress you. 

On this canyon you will have a multitude of jumps (up to 9 meters), natural slides and abseiling. 

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Canyoning canigou massif

  • Verdon

The Gorges of Verdon seduce travelers every summer with their turquoise waters and green flora. 

Located between the municipalities of Castellane and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, the largest canyon in Europe is a recognized spot for canyoning. 

In the middle of the cliffs, discover breathtaking landscapes by practicing a sports activity 

To swim in the turquoise waters of the Verdon: Verdon canyon

Canyoning Gorges of Verdon

  • The waterfalls of Molitg

10 minutes from Prades, in the town of Molitg, this canyon offers slides, jumps and two abseils.

The level of this canyon is accessible to everyone and even the youngest, so it will be perfect for a family outing. 

This canyon is fun and easy, it will allow as many people to have fun in nature.

Want to discover the Mollit Canyon: Molitg canyon  

  • Cramassouri Canyon 

The Tinée valley is located in the PACA region. The river is a passage between cliffs and wild flora covers vast areas. 

Once again, this canyon is accessible to all and the courses adapt easily to beginners.

Close to Nice, this canyon offers sublime natural slides, jumps of various heights and abseils.

Want to discover this massif, it’s here: Canyoning in Cramassouri

Canyoning Nice

  • The Taurinya canyon 

To finish this list, we want to talk about the Taurinya, a canyon for athletes, with a certain level of difficulty. 

After 1h15 of hiking to reach the river, you can jump, slide on the slides and rappel down the mountain of Canigou.

In the Eastern Pyrenees, come and experience a dizzying and aquatic adventure.

To discover this canyon, book your session: Canyoning activity in the Taurinya  

For thrill seekers with a good physical condition, this last spot will be perfect.

The presentation of the canyons ends here. 

Thanks to supervision by qualified instructors, you will be able to safely discover this water sport in rivers or lakes.

For the practitioners, the spots provide all the necessary equipment: the harness, the neoprene suit, the harnesses and the helmets. 

Good session to all.