The best French spots to paddle!


We suggest you to discover the stand up paddle (SUP) while being supervised by a monitor with our partner spots. Whether at sea, in the river, on the lakes... come and sail safely, whether you are beginner or confirmed. You will be able to initiate yourself during a supervised session and discover a new sport of sliding.

To make paddle in France, Spotyride has the spots you need. You can combine water sports, water hiking and discovering the flora and fauna. For simplicity, the rental of equipment will be done on each spot.

Whether in the river, in open water or at sea, this sport can be practiced in all waters, and this will vary the level of difficulty. France is full of beautiful spots to practice stand up paddle.

You don’t know what water sports to do in the next few days? 


Today, the Spotyteam offers you a small list of its best paddle spots, in calm and white water. Whether you are a water sports enthusiast or just looking for new sliding sensations, try this boat. Whether it’s to end the summer holidays in style, or for your next weekend, don’t hesitate to book. The spots and their paddle boards are waiting for you.

To describe this sport, the paddle, also called stand up paddle or SUP is a spot born in Hawaii in the 60s and consisting of standing, sitting or kneeling on a board and moving forward with a bladed paddles. There are various types of paddle boards: inflatable and rigid sup, so there will be some for all tastes. The boards of sup are however very different from the boards of surf, do not confuse!

For more information on this nautical sport, go to the page of the French Surfing Federation.


  • Salagou Lake


Located in Clermont-L'Hérault, in the Occitane region, this exceptional site is perfect for paddle in the heart of the wild nature. 

Its red soil, also called «the ruffe» makes it a sublime lake mixing the most beautiful colors of nature. 

Today, this city is protected to allow respect of its biodiversity and its environment. 

So if you want to discover the Salagou by standing on a board, it’s here: Base de plein air du Salagou- rives de Clermont l'Hérault  or, Baie des Vailhes.

Note that you can also rent pedal boats, kayak canoes, windsurfing boards or other boats on this spot (boat, canoe and kayak).

Paddle Salagou nautic club


  • The Mediterranean Sea


To complicate things a little, the second spot proposes the practice of paddle at sea. Shaken by the waves, the session will be more sporty and fun. 

Based in Palavas-Les-Flots, the perfect spot for paddle in the Mediterranean is  Palawaï Surf School.

Come and enjoy the joys of water sports with a gentle introduction to paddle. 

For those who would like more speed, the spot also offers courses and surf courses, led by a graduate instructor.


Paddle Palavas-Les-Flots



  • The Gorges of Verdon 


A popular tourist destination in the south of France, the Gorges of Verdon attracts travelers from all over the world every year. 

This natural site is perfect for boating and paddle boating.

In the turquoise waters of the Gorges, come paddling and discover along the water the sumptuous natural landscapes. 

If you want to try it, with family or friends at paddle it happens at Verdon Canoë Paddle  

Paddle session the the Gorges of Verdon

Picture credit : Facebook - Verdon Canoë Paddle


  • Argelès-sur-Mer


To paddle in the river, it is on this spot that it happens. No matter the age, no matter the level, this nautical sport can be practiced by young and old. 

As long as you know how to swim, you can come and enjoy activities such as water hiking in stand up paddle. 

Aboard your SUP board, discover the nature that surrounds you.

Come paddle on this site and enjoy the beauty of nature with Riverside Paddle.

Paddel Riverside Paddle


  • Annecy Lake


Each year, this lake attracts thousands of tourists thanks to the beauty of its crystal clear waters and its landscapes. 

In balance on your SUP board, come paddle on one of the best French spots. 

With NCY-SUP, you will have access to recent and high-end equipment and discover Haute-Savoie from all angles. 

The fresh waters of the region await you and your sup boards! 

Tip, consider booking your session.

Paddle boarding on the lake in Annecy

Picture credit : Page Spotyride NCY-SUP




So, if you were looking for the next activity to do with your tribe or your band of friends, the question is quickly answered. We gave you all the bests spots where do paddle boarding in France.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, discover a new outdoor sport and be guided by qualified instructors. 

Paddle at sea or river at the best price with It’s the perfect sport for a smooth water day.

To your paddles, all you have to do is row to advance!