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BLACK REVOLT WAKESURF, the French brand of Wakesurfing

BLACK REVOLT Wakesurf is above all the story of a passion for wakesurfing that has lasted for 13 years now. I rode my first board (Hyperlite Landlock) in 2003 and that's where I caught the Wakesurf bug.

Black Revolt was born from a simple observation, the majority of wakesurf boards that you can find in France and in Europe are made elsewhere.
Why have our wakesurf boards manufactured in other countries when we can do it here in France?
All BLACK REVOLT Wakesurf are handcrafted in France by our shapers in their workshops with the best materials available on the market. Our shapers each have over 20 years of experience in making surfboards and our models are designed in close collaboration between the shapers, the riders and myself.
We only manufacture “premium” boards, ie of high quality in terms of materials as well as accessories and shapes. At BLACK REVOLT Wakesurf no boards made in a distant country with materials of questionable quality, for example the foam blocks used for our "Surf style" boards are MARKO Foam made in USA, our fin and fin boxes are FUTURE FINS made in USA and our traction pads come from AGENDA SURF in San Diego, California.

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