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Technological innovation at the heart of water sports

Next Blue Tech has obtained the status of Young Innovative Company.

The company designs electrically propelled watercraft, silent and emission-free, within the reach of the greatest number, without prerequisites of physical condition or technical level, which it intends for a national and international market.

Next Blue Tech is aimed at neophytes as well as connoisseurs, from 5 to 85 years old, to whom it promises a maritime adventure in all serenity, an enchanted break to reconnect with nature, escape the overcrowding of the beaches and the stress of daily, share magical moments with family or friends.

These innovations protected at the INPI are as many means of exploration that allow access to the beauty of exceptional landscapes without disturbing the tranquility:

1) N BLUE-WAY the electric-powered sea scooter - commercial launch at the Nautic (Paris Motor Show 2019).

Developed by six enthusiastic engineers, passionate about the sea, keen on boardsports and technology, the BlueWay ™ promises you a maritime adventure in all serenity, an enchanted break to reconnect with nature, escape the overcrowding of the beaches and the stress of everyday life, share magical moments with family or friends Far from the nuisances that land scooters can present,

the BlueWay ™ is above all a means of exploration respectful of its environment and of all sea users with a cruising speed voluntarily reduced to 7km / h. The BlueWay ™ is eco-responsible.

Its board is 100% recyclable. Its electric motor is silent and emission-free. Its wake is extremely discreet. The BlueWay ™ does not require any technical or physical level.

Can be used from 5 to 85 years old, it is perfectly stable, thanks to its large board and the support offered by its handlebars, and extremely manoeuvrable thanks to its reversible directional propulsion.

The BlueWay ™ offers new sensations, alone, in pairs, or in three, within the limit of 150kg on board. The BlueWay ™ is safe and secure because it is unsinkable, geolocated, with the latest generation waterproof batteries and a faired propeller.

Its very long 8-hour autonomy, a first in electric nautical leisure activities, allows the adventure to be extended in complete peace of mind. The BlueWay ™, in its first very robust version Made in the South Region, is intended for tourism players. It was tested this summer with 15 rental professionals with enthusiastic feedback and 98% of very satisfied end customers.

2) N BLUE-RIDER electric sea scooter on foils - demonstrator finalized and successful flights in 2018 - undergoing industrialization study.

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