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Welcome to The NO RESPECT WAKEBOARDS Factory 

“ How To Make A Wakeboard In 10 Easy Steps ”

Whenever I say “we”, I want you to think of two ordinary guys. Two guys that have truly started with nothing and climbed the ladder one step at a time.

Step 1…

Purchase anything at the local hardware store and start glueing foam and fiberglass together in your parents garage so you can show your friends your “wakeboard”.Nothing will make you happier, your friends and family will not be impressed in the slightest way.

Step 2…

Do that for like 2 years. Even though it feels like you’re getting worse. Even though you physically have never rode any of your boards because they break before they hit the water.You still have those same feelings. That you’re “one step” away. Even though everyone feels sorry for you.

Step 3…

Risk Everything. Totally change your college plans (not dropout). Get LEGITIMATE jobs in the composite industry. Even if its 2 hours away and you have to wake up at 4 a.m. for your 5 day commute. We’ve had some SERIOUS gigs in the composite industry. Just two stupid idiots making products for Disney, Amtrak, Ford, Toyota and more.Theres no better way to learn than to be scared sh*tless. Step 3 is where you will acquire the Micky Mantle Gene.

Step 4…

Ask your boss to park an RV in the parking lot so you can make wakeboards before and after every work day. Do this for about 2 years. Lotta beers… Lotta beers lotta boards during those summers.

Step 5…

When your employer goes out of business, contact a local Speedboat Manufacturer and tell him you will make boats for free if you can use a small room in the factory to make wakeboards… Do this until you run out of money. And you will run out of money…

Step 6…

Stop making boats and wasting time. It will take way longer than you think, but one day it will just click.

Step 7…

As your wakeboard brand has the slightest bit of income to buy materials to keep it going. You are still broke. You’ll start buying resin and fabrics with the money you've made from selling boards and it truly will feel nice. Hell, you’ll even throw in that bottle of Pepsi at the checkout line when buying wood at Menards.

Step 8…

I have left out an impossible amount of details, but throughout all of these steps you have put an infinite amount of your own time, energy and money into your wakeboard brand and have the assets, knowledge and capability to create fuc*ing remarkable wakeboards.You will literally have no idea how you got to this point. As you will occasionally take one of your boards out of the press, step back and say “how the fu*k did we make this”. And that, is an incredible feeling.

Step 9…

Figure out how to sell the living sh*t out of them…it’s uhhh, hard and expensive.

Step 10…

To be continued…Follow these 10 easy steps and you’ll making wakeboards in no Time.


We have had only ONE GOAL since day one. And that is to do whatever is necessary to create the best wakeboards possible. Once we change our motives from that, we have failed.








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