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Fédération française de char à voile



The French Sand Yachting Federation

Since 1964, the French Char à Voile federation allows you to practice this sport while being supervised, and in safety, thanks to your license.

Today the FFCV brings together all the machines moving on solid surfaces and driven by the wind, and they are of all kinds. Practicable at any age, you can pilot any type of tank, pilot sitting, standing, lying down, single or two-seater, sail or kite, What matters is to take the wind!

This sport allows you to discover nature from a new angle, enjoy large beaches and large spaces to practice in complete freedom. Enjoy the sand, the wind, the waves while piloting your sand yacht. Combining sport and nature, this activity will sharpen all your senses and give you a unique experience.

The FFCV has integrated environmental education into the Pilot's Booklet , a learning guide for all pilots who go to tank school. Each level of practice is defined by the level of autonomy of the pilot, including his ability to know and respect the environment of the practice site.

Find out more about the French Federation of Sand Yachting .

To receive your license, go here. 

Sports affiliated to the federation:

Chariot sitting or lying down:
(Mini4, Class promo, Class 5, Standart, Blokart, Class 3, Class 2) These are the most common tanks, and generally the type of tank found in schools. There are dozens of models dedicated to the practice of leisure, the very majority practice in France.

Kite float:
(Class 8), or Kite Buggy, which is one of the developing disciplines. In this category, there is also the Montain Board, a standing aero-towed tank.

(Class 7), or Speed-Sail, but in this category we find Dirtwinsurfing and any form of adaptation of the propulsion system on a more or less modified Speed-Sail board.

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